Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or more commonly known as BJJ, has since the 1990s continued its meteoric rise to prominence, and today ranks as one of the most popular and effective martial arts with a huge global footprint. Formed on the principles of leverage, optimum positioning and proven scientific techniques, BJJ allows a smaller or weaker individual to overcome a larger and stronger opponent by taking the fight to the ground, where size and physical strength can be offset by the knowledge of mechanical force. With its dedicated training and conditioning regimen, BJJ is both sport and self-defence rolled into one, and is an ideal exercise and recreation for men, women and kids from all walks of life.


This entry-level program is designed for new students to efficiently build a solid foundation in BJJ. Centred around concepts and fundamentals, our unique curriculum also promotes the appreciation of BJJ beyond the dojo, in improving oneself through self-conduct and maintaining a positive lifestyle.

Our foundation program objectives include:
· Learning jiu-jitsu movements and coordination
· Understanding jiu-jitsu positioning and scenarios
· Improving mobility and agility 
· Learning core BJJ concepts and ideas


Our advancement program focuses on core techniques and concepts that every practitioner should know and demonstrate proficiency in. Students graduating from our BJJ Foundation Program will delve further into jiu-jitsu concepts as well as improve their coordination, fitness and movement as they progress towards mastering more advanced techniques.

The objectives of this program include:
· Improving understanding of core jiu-jitsu concepts
· Improving overall fitness and conditioning
· Multi-position attacks, defences and escapes
· Positional, specific and live sparring

ONLY for White Belt 2 stripes and above