Fernando Junior

- Founder of BeWater Hong Kong
- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2nd Degree Black Belt
- Multiple-time BJJ Champion
- Capoeira Master & President of AÚ Capoeira School International
- Movement Expert
- Certified CrossFit Instructor
- Professional Stuntman
- Over 30 years of experience in martial arts and fitness

Brazilian – New Zealander FERNANDO JUNIOR began training capoeira at an early age, taught by his father and renowned capoeira master and pioneer, Mestre Pop. As a young adult, he left the shores of South Brazil for the lands of New Zealand, where he would grow his roots and help grow capoeira and its community through his school, performances and promotional events. By 2015, he became President of AÚ Capoeira School International with their branches in Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia.

Not just a capoeirista, Fernando is also an exponent of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). As a teenager in Santa Catarina, he trained at Equipe Ataque Duplo under the guidance of Murillo Rupp and Sergio Sa. He would continue his training at Tukaha Ataque Duplo in Auckland, New Zealand in 2003, receiving his black belt eight years later from 4th degree black belt Pedro Fernandes.


BJJ Lineage: Carlos Gracie – Helio Gracie – Rickson Gracie – Antonio “Tonicao” Colares – Pedro Fernandes – Fernando Junior

Fernando is an active member of the BJJ community, teaching and competing in New Zealand, Hong Kong and several overseas venues for the past decade. He is a multiple-time BJJ champion, and has won the following tournaments in the last five years: 

2018 - ACBJJ World Championship in Moscow - Russia - Gold

2018 - International Jiu JItsu Championship - Europe - Bronze

2018 - International Jiu JItsu Championship - Asia - Silver

2017 - Manila International Open - Gold

2017 - IBJJF Asian Open - Bronze

2017 - NZ Gi Nationals - Weight and Open Weight - Silver

2015 - NZ Nationals Black Belt Open – Auckland NZ – Gold

2013 - NZ Nationals Black Belt Open – Auckland NZ – Gold

Outside of BJJ and capoeira, Fernando has created his own movement awareness method developed from his extensive martial arts and fitness experience. Harnessing the concept of transdisciplinarity, he teaches participants of any performance, martial, sporting or fitness background to reconnect with their own body movements through non-linear synergistic training.

Since his arrival in Hong Kong in 2015, he has actively promoting Youth and Women BJJ Self Defence Workshop.

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