Fitness - RAWWAR

Resilience, Attitude, Willpower - Winners Always Ready

Every day, we are engaged in constant battle: deadlines to meet, commitments to honour, demands to be met. Yet in this war, there is one battle we find the hardest to conquer – ourselves! 

Enter RAWWAR, a team-training fitness program designed to transform YOU into the elite modern warrior. Power yourself to a fitter, faster and stronger body through hybrid training that includes weight lifting techniques, functional training, HIIT and MMA, guaranteed to deliver results. Experience all this within a unique team environment, where failure isn’t an option as you and your teammates support, assist and drive each other towards your ultimate fitness targets. 
Be motivated by our professional and dedicated coaches to push yourself to your best. With Resilience, the right Attitude and Willpower, you can be a Winner, Always Ready for any challenge.