Handstand Practice is taking the world by storm.
A traditional Circus discipline mastered by amazing artists around the world is becoming a widely spread skill sought after by Yogis, Martial Artists, Movement practicioners and fitness enthusiasts in general.
On top of the obvious awesome ability to balance yourself upside down expect to greatly improve your flexibility, overall strength and core stability.

Apart from a straight handstand, there are some common handstand variations include:

  • Straight legs held in a side or front split.

  • Stag split, in which legs are front split with bent knees.

  • Back extremely arched, with bent knees and toes touching the back of the head.

  • Hollowback, with hyperextension of the back so that legs are held further back than the head.

  • One-handed, in which only one hand contacts the ground.

  • Handstand pushups, in which one raises and lowers the body while standing inverted on the hands.

  • Straddle split handstand

Our handstand class is taught by Ng Ping Nam, a hand balancer and contortionist who has achieved an incredible level of mastery in the art of hand balancing in just 2 years.

In the class, you will be guided step by step, variations will be given based on your levels. All levels are welcome.

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