Movement is the natural ability of all animal species to put their bodies in motion correlated to time and space. Humans, in particular, are gifted with the extraordinary capacity to create, develop and perform movement in the most complex of ways. Yet most of us are totally unaware of our physical advantage, choosing instead to lead immobile and inert lives where even the simplest daily tasks can be a struggle.

Before we become a truly sedentary species, it is time to inspire ourselves and reclaim our ability to move, in the best way possible.


Our distinctive program aims to widen participant perspectives on movement through examining locomotion, mobility, balance and flow in a creative and experimental manner. 

Harnessing the concept of transdisciplinarity, participants of any performance, martial, sporting or fitness background can come together and step outside their own schools of conditioning, and learn to reconnect with their own body movements through non-linear synergistic training.

In this program, participants will be introduced to a series of different exercises that explore full utilisation of the body through animal walks, cartwheels, handstands, headstands, lunges, crawls and more.

Through these, a bigger picture of transdisciplinary movement can be built, which in turn should enable participants to explore and enhance their own training modalities. 

The class will be led by our Movement Expert Fernando Junior, who is a Capoeira Master and BJJ Black Belt with over 30 years experience.