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5 Partner Yoga Poses to try with loved ones

Partner yoga is an activity that can build stronger communication and intimacy between anyone in any relationship

Practicing yoga with your partner allows you to set aside your differences to work together towards a common goal. It also makes you feel stronger and more connected as a couple, deepening your relationship.

1)Back-Bending Cobra Pose

Partner A lies on their stomach with feet together while partner B stands over them with their feet placed on either side of the partner’s thighs. Hold onto Partner A’s hands to lift them upward into cobra while simultaneously taking advantage of this lock for a full backbend.

Why You'll Love This: This helps open the shoulders and chest, an area where lots of us hold tension. The poses stimulate the Heart chakra (Anahata) allowing us to open more fully in our lives too; to our emotions, experiences and in our relationships.

2)Double-Sided Stretch Pose

Stand beside each other with one arm distance apart. Bring your feet together, lengthen the spine and bend toward your partner, bringing your closer hand to rest on each other’s hips while extending the far hand over your head to grab each other’s elbows. If flexibility allows, push each other’s hips further away while pulling your partner’s elbow closer to you.

Why You'll Love This: The opening of the chest and diaphragm helps to reduce stiffness and stress in all the back muscles that occurs with long hours sitting at a desk.

3) Child’s Pose / Backbend

With Partner A in child’s pose with knees wide opened, Partner B gently lies, back down, on partner A’s back keeping legs straight with arms extended over head (arms by ears). Synchronize with your partner's breath to inspire a solid connection.

Why You'll Love This: Partner B will get a very nice stretch in the core and hip flexors while Partner A will get deeper into the hips than ever before with a little help from your partner.

4. Double Boat Pose

Sit facing one another and hold onto each other’s hands (or forearms if you are flexible). Bend your knees, press soles of feet together. Engage the core and slowly lean back and straighten both legs.

Why You'll Love This: It is a nice stretch for your hamstrings while toning your tummies.

***If you find this pose is too intense for the hamstrings, place your hands down slightly behind you, instead of holding hands.

5.Back-to-back Twist in Easy Pose

With your Partner, align yourselves back-to-back sitting cross-legged. Inhale, then reach your right arms up to lengthen and when you exhale, twist to the right and reach your right hand for your partner's left knee, and let your left hand rest on your right knee. After 3-5 full rounds of breath, return to centre and switch sides.

Why You'll Love This: This twist helps aid digestion and releases tension on your back.

Try them out with your loved ones, your sisters or friends with care and love, we hope you enjoy them. :)

Happen Valentines' Day!

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