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How to set New Year’s Resolutions, and STICK to them.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Did you know that "getting in shape" and "exercising more" are the most commonly broken New Year Resolutions worldwide? But why can some of us achieve our goals while others fail? BeWater founder, and BJJ World Champion, Professor Fernando Junior digs deeper into the mindset and minefield of achieving goals in 2020, and offers his top 6 tips for keeping your resolutions.

“Achieving any goal, not just a New Year’s resolution, requires a deep desire for improvement and structured goal setting” says Prof Junior.

Everyone starts the year with the best intentions but the difference between a good ‘intention’ and a deep ‘desire’ to succeed, is vast.

“People need compelling reasons to stick to a plan. Many make changes for health-reasons - perhaps because their doctor told them to, or maybe their motivation is financially driven because they’re raising money for charity. Sometimes they set goals to keep a loved one happy. These are all good, compelling reasons to make a plan, but the most important key to success is YOU, not others. YOU need to be in control and have the determination to make the changes required, not others” continues Junior.

Prof Junior sees being in charge of your own destiny as empowering. “When YOU are the one in control of your goals, you can set the time frame, realistic milestones and ultimate objectives better than anyone else can. You set your destination, and are your own navigator and driver putting you in total control”.

Prof Junior uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a good example for New Year’s resolution setting. As a keen proponent of the multitude of benefits the sport offers, he has plenty of advice to offer.

“At the very basic level, BJJ improves your physical fitness and mental and emotional strength. The beauty of embarking on, or continuing your BJJ journey as a New Year’s resolution is that there are plenty of bigger milestones you can set yourself with lots of smaller, reachable fingerholds in between, to show progress along the way.

“Significant achievements comprise many small triumphs (and sometimes setbacks) but it is critical that you can see progress along the way to avoid feeling discouraged. BJJ is perfect for that. I always encourage my students to focus on one goal at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or feel like you are failing at everything. Break your ultimate objective into smaller, achievable chunks.

For example, if your Resolution is to achieve purple belt status, your first goal might be to train twice a week. Once you get into the routine, work on another area, such as improving your sweep game to be able to sweep a heavier opponent at the same belt level as you, within 3 months. The key is to achieve lots of smaller goals and that exceed the previous one. Make it fun so you feel a sense of achievement every time you hit a goal and reward yourself for it. You deserve it!”.

Make sue your Resolutions are SMART: Specific, Measurable Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.

You are more likely to fail, if your resolutions are vague, simply because you don’t know if you’re succeeding or failing. If your plan is to lose weight, make sure your goal is Specific (Weight? Body Fat? Inches?), Measurable (how much?), Attainable (be realistic with how much you are going to lose), Relevant (is this a goal YOU want to achieve), and Time-based (set dates for your mini-milestones).


1. Focus on one goal at a time: With multiple things to achieve, we get anxious, and if we don’t do one thing, we will feel like a failure.

2. Make it your own based on your ability and level right now

3. Make it measurable, specific, and time-bound. - e.g to improve my sweep game in BJJ; be able to sweep a heavier training partner at the same belt level with me in 3 months time.

4. Set the bar low—at least, at first. Your goal should seem relatively easy or within reach of what you are doing, e.g training 2 times a week, and how confident are you to train 2 times a week? You can increase it later.

5. Understand what’s driving your goal. - Do you want to compete or do you just want to be good and like a ninja?

6. Consider a professional’s input. - A professional can help give you guidance on how realistic your goal is and can help you set markers along the way, so you can check in and confirm you are on the right track over time, maybe PT sessions with professor?

If you are looking for a new discipline or sport to embark on in 2020 that will keep you engaged, allow you to set plenty of mini achievements and improve your fitness, and mentally state of mind, BeWater Martial Arts’ and Wellness’s BJJ Foundation class is well designed for beginners or someone who has no prior experience.

Through a one-hour class, you will sweat, build strength and learn some techniques which can benefit you in many different ways. And best of all, each class will take you one class closer to being a badass!

Classes will be taught by ACBJJ World Champion Prof. Junior with his great experience and patience. It's fun, challenging and effective. We are sure that you will be back and keep training, keeping your New Year’s Resolution promise to yourself.

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