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Love is in the Air...and on the Mats.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our attention shifts to romance and love, and the beautiful things we can do for our partners. It led us to explore how BJJ training with a life partner can benefit couples.

It’s no secret that having someone to train with, regardless of the type of exercise, helps to encourage you to hit the gym, the road, the mats, or wherever you chose to keep fit. On days when you feel too tired to train, and self-motivation is lacking, the idea of letting a training partner hanging is often enough to push you to go.

Now imagine if that person was your romantic partner. The notion of letting a loved one down should encourage even the least motivated to get up and go. BeWater’s Professor Fernando Junior and Arvy Chan understand first hand, the benefits of training together. The newlyweds are an excellent example of how BJJ training is not only good for the individual but also good for the relationship.

1) Quality time

Sadly, the hectic pace of 21st Century living comes with occasional romantic casualties. Late nights at the office and busy travel commitments add extra pressure on top of a lack of connectedness that often befalls couples. Having a common fitness interest reconnects couples and ensures they carve out time to spend together when they train. As a multi-disciplinary art, BJJ connects people on different levels, and couples benefit from the supportive nature of the sport, both on and off the mats.

Rener Gracie & his wife Eve Torres Gracie

2) Physical and emotional benefits

There’s nothing worse than one partner bouncing through the door after a long day, filled with energy and looking great, while the other is too exhausted to muster a “Hi, how was your day” with any genuine enthusiasm. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical that naturally relieves pain and stress and can produce a feeling of euphoria. Training partners often look better too, enjoying trimmer, leaner, and more toned physiques than the partner who isn’t training, which can sometimes lead to resentment. The mutual benefits of exercising together mean couples look and feel great together. Partners enjoy the synchronicity of moods and body transformations on top of the connection of a shared passion. Studies show that exercise leads to increased levels of testosterone and an improved impact on sex drive and enhanced feelings of attractiveness, which is also an excellent way to improve relationships.

3) Holidays

There’s nothing worse than holidaying with a partner whose highest priority is finding a local gym to train at, or a competition to enter. Holidays are about enjoying time away, together, so it goes without saying that sharing an interest like BJJ allows couples to continue their training both at home and away. Together, they can build and bank enjoyable memories of places visited and time spent as a couple, either on the mats or in the mountains.

Angela Lee & her husband Bruno Pucci

4) Goal Setting

Mutual goal setting and keeping each other on track leads to adherence and compliance with less chance of dropping out. According to a study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, a higher percentage of individual partners of married couples discontinued training because of family responsibilities or lack of spousal support. Married pairs had significantly higher attendance and lower dropout rates than married singles, which appeared to be primarily influenced by spousal support rather than self-motivation. Goals can be different and can be achieved at individual paces, but the important thing is that goals are set, and each partner encourages the other to reach them. Avoid being competitive with one another as this could discourage each other. Take a non-competitive approach to your goals and exercise, and you’ll be much happier for it.

Kyra Gracie & her husband Malvino Salvador

5) Transferred Skills from Mat to Relationship

Approaching obstacles and challenges in BJJ can be transferred to personal conflicts in a relationship. Experiencing the relationship ‘bumps in the road’ is natural, but how you confront those difficulties is critical. BJJ teaches us so much more than grappling and self-defense. It gives us the mental fortitude to not give up, to view potential solutions to overcome difficulties from different angles, and to support and respect one another, even after a fight. All of these can be transferred to how we deal with relationship issues.

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