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Women and Jiujitsu: 5 compelling reasons why women should start BJJ 

Women everywhere are breaking glass ceilings and competing at levels of sport never seen before. But what about contact sports? Females are still 'fighting' their way into acceptance, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is no different. There is always a disproportionate amount of men on the mats, but let's face it; girls in gis are so badass, so why aren't there more? Our ‘5 compelling reasons why BJJ is excellent for women’, will hopefully to encourage more XX chromosomes onto the mat to start kicking some XY butts.

1. It teaches you to love the body that you have and what it can do

Let's face it, whether they admit it or not, most women exercise to change their bodies. Unless they were raised under a rock, girls are bombarded by 'perfect body stereotypes' from a young age, and it's unavoidable. We're hardwired to think that a size 8 is better than a size 14, and we're all on a mission to achieve our ideal weight and figure, continually comparing our bodies to others. What if we told you that BJJ helps you to love the body you have, and eliminates stereotypes and body consciousness? Shed your insecurities by appreciating the awesome things your body can achieve on the mat. Your legs may not look fabulous in a pair of skinny jeans, or be able to do the splits, but they might be able to choke someone out if they attacked you. Try arguing the merits of bendy pretzel legs vs. strong thighs that protect you. And you might even kill two birds with one stone training BJJ; you'll get stronger, fitter, and tone up, which we call a win-win.

2. It empowers you by breaking the barriers of what women can't / shouldn't do

It’s 2020, but women are still pigeonholed with expectations of what they should or can do. Some stereotyping precludes women from being feminine and fierce. Thankfully, more women today are crashing through the glass ceilings in a remarkable display of empowerment, doing what they love no matter who tells them they can't or shouldn't. BJJ is badass and better still, doesn't discriminate against size, shape, background, or age. A trained woman can defeat an untrained man who is bigger and stronger. That's the power Jiu Jitsu gives you. So we say let's hit those mats and show 'em what we got!

3. It creates unbreakable bonds with your BJJ sisterhood

With so few women practicing BJJ, it's impossible not to form a friendship or two in the dojo. Being in such close proximity to one another undoubtedly encourages even more intimate connections and bonds that gym-based activities don't offer. Additionally, the trust you place in your grappling partner and the support and encouragement you show one another provides the most reliable foundation any friendship could hope for. And finally, what better feeling could there be than a sisterhood of girls in gis, sharing a common love of BJJ and kicking down glass ceilings together.

4. You don't have to be strong to be good at BJJ

One of the most common misconceptions is that you need to be strong to be good at BJJ. The principles of BJJ are based on technique overpowering strength and size, which means a much smaller opponent, can subdue a much larger one, regardless of their power. Isn't that cool? The most intimidating thing about starting BJJ is walking onto a mat filled with testosterone, which can be a little daunting at first. But make no mistake; once you learn the techniques, even the tiniest of girls can subdue the biggest brute of a man in a chokehold in a matter of seconds. The nature of practicing BJJ and all the accompanying benefits means you will eventually build strength, but don't let being small or weak deter you from starting.

5. You will be a positive role model

Young girls are being bombarded by media (social or otherwise), influencing the way they think, act, and feel they should look. The world needs more role models for our daughters, nieces, goddaughters, and friends. They need good examples to show them that being beautiful is about doing what you want, and not being pigeonholed into what everyone wants you to do. So we say be strong, be fierce, and be a good role model by showing up on the mats and teaching young ladies that they can be excellent at BJJ, regardless of their age, size, shape, or strength.

If you would like to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sign up for International Women's Day special offer - HKD$800 for 3 private training sessions with Prof. Junior, just for you and your bestie! Please send us a message at myfriend@bewater-hk.com for more info.

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